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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Optomeyes?

Your initial invitation to join Optomeyes, sent to you by one of our representatives, may have expired. To request a new invitation, please call Bausch + Lomb Customer Services on 0800 658 386.

How do I invite a patient to Sparkle?

You can invite and re-invite patients to Sparkle by clicking the “Invite to Sparkle” button on the Patient Screen. The invitation is generic and the patient chooses which version of Sparkle they Download. iOS or Android, depending on their phone.

How do I invite a patient to Sparkle?

At the end of each month, our finance team will run a report of Sparkle sales for you. A 25% margin is calculated on the total dollar value of Sparkle sales for the month and this is credited to your account. You will receive an email from the finance team with the details of the credit each month.

Can I order Lenses for my patient without using Sparkle?

Yes. The Optomeyes website allows you to choose to have lenses ordered and to be delivered to the clinic for the patient to collect, or direct to the patient’s house. Either way, the you will be invoiced and this is a commercial transaction between you and the patient. This transaction does NOT qualify for the 25% Sparkle rebate.

How will I know from the website when my patients’ prescriptions are due to expire?

You will need to check each patient's details, but you can set the expiry date at the time of loading the prescription into the website.

What alert does the patient get if their prescription runs out?

There is a notification at 10 days, 5 days, and then every day for 3 days once it has expired. However, patients can still order lenses even after the prescription has expired. The onus is on the patient to contact you for a re-examination.

Can I invite my patient to Sparkle again?

If a patient changes phones and loses their app, the you can resend an invitation to patients for Sparkle using the “invite” button on the Patient Screen.

How are separate branches configured in the website?

Optomeyes operates on a branch by branch basis. This means each branch has it’s own Optomeyes login details. If you operate multiple branches you can choose to have your invoices sent to each branch individually or your head office.
If you would like to update where your invoices are sent or change your billing details, please contact Bausch + Lomb Customer Services on 0800 658 386 or email us at

Can I register a patient with a landline or overseas mobile number?

No. Optomeyes will only accept NZ mobile phone numbers. Landline and overseas phone numbers will trigger an error message when you try to register.

Some products are not available on the website?

All lenses that are Bausch + Lomb can supply are available and some may be phased out as they are deleted or replaced by newer technology. If you believe that an item should be available and it is not, please contact so they can (a) take an order over the phone and (b) determine why the item is missing and correct it if necessary.

For assistance with your Bausch + Lomb account please call 0800 658 386