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Leverage your expertise.
Now is the time to leverage changes in the population demographic.
With Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia you can now address the largest growing population which have previously been limited to wearing frequent replacement contact lenses or spectacles only.
Patients rely on you.
Patients almost entirely rely on their optometrist to introduce new technologies, in fact 3 out of 4 patients don’t know that multifocal contact lenses exist.
We know that 2 out of 3 existing contact lens patients experience symptoms of discomfort. Patients believe this to be normal, don’t know to tell you and rely on you to prompt them with the right questions in order to realise the best contact lens fit.
Despite over 60% of the market now in Silicone Hydrogel technologies, drop out rates have stayed relatively unchanged. Patients trust you to recommend the best in vision and comfort.
Understand your patients’ needs.
36% of Presbyopic patients wearing spectacles only express an interest in trying to wear contact lenses.
3 out of 4 presbyopic patients cite the need for good near 4 and intermediate vision as a priority for their work.
Fit with confidence
Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia has been engineered to deliver sharp vision with the most predictable fitting with accurate power at every power.
Take this opportunity to build your practice
Estimates show that customers happy with their daily multifocal lenses can contribute as much as $10,000 to a practice over a patient’s lifetime.
With crisp vision, predictable fits and the award-winning next generation HyperGel™ material, Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia addresses a large market which is expected to deliver the highest growth in the coming years.
The difference of HyperGel™

High Water Content (comfort) Sufficient Oxygen Availability (health) High Water Content (comfort)
Low Oxygen Availability & Hypoxia Concerns Corneal Infiltrates Sufficient Oxygen Availability (health)
No Reduction In Drop Out Rates Dehydration Resistance (vision)
What is HyperGel?
HyperGel™, is not Hydrogel or a Silicone Hydrogel but an award-winning, next generation contact lens material that’s inspired by the biology of the eye. HyperGel™ combines the lens polymer with Surface Active Macromers (SAM), which gives unique bene cial properties.
Benefit: HyperGel™ allows patients to feel incredible Hydrogel-like comfort, enjoy Silicone Hydrogel-like health and experience crisp all-day vision through the materials dehydration resistance.
Mimics the actions of the lipid layer of tear lm to resist dehydration. HyperGel retains over 98% of moisture through the day. Ending the day with more moisture than many lenses begin with.
Meets oxygen level the open eye needs. With an oxygen ux of 93% to maintain healthy, white eyes, without the use of silicone.
Matches cornea’s 78% water content to promote natural comfort.
Reduces solar exposure to the eye with UV Block.
Designed for crisp vision.
The Bausch + Lomb proprietary next generation 3-Zone Progressive™ design is precisely tuned to deliver natural vision near, far and everywhere in between.
More add power across the
centre portion of the lens.
Wider zone where add
power gradually transitions to
an accurate distance power.
Optimised for a more natural
visual experience.
Accurate power at every power.
Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia is designed with the highest precision and consistency across the dioptric range.
Benefit: Regardless of the power of your fit with Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia you can expect the most predictable fitting experience, which means less chair time and satisfied patients.

Biotrue® Oneday For Presbyopia Is Your Opportunity
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